Hunter Armstrong Brankamp • UX Writer • Content Designer | 513.290.9105 | Cincinnati, OH
My vision is this: For the first time, give 100 million people the feeling of “feeling heard.” I believe listening can transform our world, but it takes more than a vision to be successful. Through massive risk-taking, I’ve uncovered an unparalleled ability to see potential creative connections between data and key metrics. A strong business sense combines with a natural affinity for copy & design-thinking, paired further with a mind that sees past limits and a will to break them.  

Technical Skills
Research Skills: User interviews, User personas, User stories, User flows, Empathy & Journey Mapping, User surveys
Methods: UX Strategy, UX Writing, UX Design, UX Research, Content Design, CX Design, Insight Translation, Project Management, Rapid Prototyping, Wireframing, Design Sprints, Usability Testing, Content Strategy, Coffee Drinking.

CX Specialist | Content Designer
Elevation Road | Cincinnati, OH | July 2021 - Present
- Developed and implemented sales & operations processes supporting business needs through optimal CX design
- Recognized unaddressed market need through direct customer interaction and proactively performed user research and Lean UX design process in the creation of a new business arm.
UX Researcher | Content Designer
chevere | Cincinnati, OH | Jan 2021 - March 2021
- Created measured 25-30 percent increase in user task success using in-person & remote user testing
- Utilized human-centered, double-diamond design process to lead small client project from start-to-finish 
UX Strategist | UX Writer
[hone] listens | Redding, CA | Sep 2018 - Dec 2020 
- Synthesized qualitative data & scholarly research into A.I. chatbot interaction to promote successful user onboarding
- Project praised by Research Design Ph.D. for soundness of concept and application

Marketing Content Specialist
BTG Labs | Cincinnati, OH | Aug 2017 - Sep 2018
- Led full-scale website redesign and served as visual design consultant for the software development team
- Hired full-time from freelance into multi-disciplinary creative / marketing role with limited professional experience 

Q.A. Contractor
Barefoot Proximity | Cincinnati, OH | Sep 2016 - May 2018 
- Assimilated job duties in highly technical CMS-based environment in 2.5 days time, quickly contributing to multi- disciplinary team in global agency setting.
- Proactively formulated Q.A. data summaries into project timeline insights

Apple Inc. | Cincinnati, OH | Sep 2011 - June 2013
- Earned “Excellent” Net Promoter Score for public product workshops through the use of high-energy, awe-inspiring and conversational speaking style.
Certificate, In Progress, UX Writing Hub
UX Writing Hub | Online | Dec. 2021 est. completion

Bachelor’s of Business Administration, International Business & Management
University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, Oh | 2006-2013
- Synthesized new, practical self-mastery concepts by combining elements pulled from literature on transformational leadership and emotional intelligence. 
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